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Water Zoom High Pressure Cleaning Tool

Water zoom is a high pressure washing tool that when connected to regular water tap creates a high pressure pump. The high pressure water from water zoom can help you clean dirt from windows, swimming pools, pavement or the facade of your house. Connecting it with garden hose pipe will create a perfect jet cleaning tool that through adjust the nozzle can help you clean terrace, awnings, chairs, boat etc.apart from that, water zoom high pressure cleaning tool can be best equipped as a car washer.

Water zoom is made up of a high quality material with high pressure water pump for great durability. The device utilizes revolutionary water compression technology to create a jet blast from an ordinary garden hose and thus can be used for cleaning different place sand things. 


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Easily connects to any water hose
  • 2 nozzles: jet and fan spray
  • Made of Aluminum, plastic and brass
  • long-lasting high-performance

Product package include:

  • Water Zoom
  • Jet nozzle
  • Fan nozzle
  • Soap dispenser
  • Brush
  • Hose adapter