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Fair Pro Cream !

Fair pro is a complete fairness treatment for your body including facial skin. The fabulous beauty product can help you enhance skin appearance from dark to white. Fair pro fairness products are all natural and the treatment is completely safe and effective. It does not contain any bleaching element that affects the quality of your skin. The whole treatment is natural and will mark great difference in your skin tone. Though there are various fairness products available in he market that guarantees effective results but the products providing immediate change in your skin tone usually offers temporary results and are not permanent. Also, they contain harmful bleaching ingredients that deteriorates the quality of skin and are not healthy at all.

Ingredients of Fair PRO

Fair pro is made up of some of the best ingredients including Gold, Kesar, Actiwhite, and Olive extracts etc. The product also utilizes the benefits of Nano LPDs and Nano resins in corporation of Nano Technology, making it one of the best fairness treatments in India.

Fair PRO treatment comprises of following important products:

Fair PRO Fairness Body Pack

Fair PRO Fairness Body Pack is a fabulous fairness pack for deep skin cleansing and rich nourishment. It helps in removing dead skin cells along with dirt and oily secretions to prevent clotting in skin pores. This enhances your skin and makes it look fairer. It helps in proper rejuvenation of your skin and makes it look more healthy and glowing.

Fair PRO Fairness Cream

Fair PRO Fairness Cream is key product in this fairness treatment. It contains Nano LPDs and resins that along with utilizing the benefits cutting-edge technology offers the natural remedy to get fairer skin tone. Along with that, the product is known for reducing wrinkles, dark spots and other sings of aging. The essence of gold and saffron in this fairness formula will help you get glowing, whiter and radiant skin tone in a very natural and healthy manner.

Fair PRO Fairness Night Gel

Fair PRO Fairness Night Gel is an incredible and scientifically proven skin whitening formula that contains whitening effects of Actiwhite along with nourishing and anti-aging properties of Aloe Vera. The product work great for all skin types and maintains high nourishments even when you are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Fair PRO Moisturizing Cream with SPF-40

Fair PRO Moisturizing Cream with SPF-40 works as the barrier against harsh weather condition on your kin. It can also protect your skin from UVA and UVB sun rays damage. It guards your skin from environmental damage and keeps it young, healthy and glowing. The moisturizing element in this creme keeps your skin even more lively irrespective of any type of weather it is!