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3 in 1 Ab Rocket Twister is an amazing new generation exercising device to be kept at home. The device helps in shaping up the abdominal part of your body and helps you in gaining an attractive personality. It helps you to lose fat and get flatter abs. Ab rocket twister offers a lot of convenience of enjoying exercising at home. It helps you to get right shape for your body without troubling yourself in any way.

The product is featured with a uniquely designed seat that makes it easier for you to twist and turn your body and do the desired exercises. The seat is provided with a soft and easy to turn cushion which offers a lot of exercising ease and prevents your from neck and back pains. With ab rocket twister you can easily carry your workout for long hours.

Features of Ab Rocket Twister

  • Uniquely designed seat
  • Cushion rolls while you rock
  • Supports back and neck
  • Massages while working out
  • Extreme 5 minute rapid wire workout.

Benefits of Ab Rocket Twister

  • Provides a lot of ease in carrying out your daily workouts.
  • Helps in losing excessive body weight. 
  • Offers the most comfortable way of practicing crunches, half crunches, sit ups, reverse crunches and other Ab exercises at home. 
  • It helps to shape up your body in a better way and get you flatter abs.
  • It increases your strength and makes you feel stronger.
  • Ab rocket twister offers great results on your abdominal.