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Product Overview:

Maintaining of fitness is not an easy task, and users can find many number of devices online as well as in retail market that are good at reducing fat. Ab rocket flex is one such device which has all the fine qualities which users wish to see in a trimming product. 

How it works:

Ab rocket flex has been made for intense physical work out. The working of this device is quite simple. The product has rolling cushions placed in its back and a comfortable seating space linked to it. Those who wish to do work out with this device can sit in the device by placing the back leaned against the rolls. It product gives the user immense control and grip. Then they can move their back in 90 to 180 degree angles. A 15 minutes of work out can make the user slim and fit. 


Ab rocket flex gives users a very powerful abs. It is rust free and made for long time use. Users will get the feel and power of manual and physical work out like push ups and other abs tightening exercises while working with this device. It is a internationally marketed product and is made purchasable at economic prices. It also strengthens the neck and entire back of the users. 

What it includes:

The abs rocket flex has a detailed instruction manual which every user will find helpful to follow.