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Fitness Pump Exercise Machine !

Fitness pump exercise machine is an incredible daily exercising machine that helps in strengthening pecs, triceps, deltoids, lats , and for toning abs, legs and buttocks. The product helps in toning down all the different parts of your body to make you look much healthier and smarter. It offers an amazing substitute for the classic push ups and makes it all more easy and less tiring for you. It protects your back from stress and allows to maintain great posture.

Now you can try out wide range of exercises with the three different grips provided in Fitness pump. It works on the principle of static tension and effects your body in one simple movement. The internal handle provided in it increases resistance and allows you to work more on biceps, triceps, pectorals and the muscles of the chest. This helps in enhancement of biceps for men and breast contouring and arm muscle toning in women. 

Features of Fitness Pump 

  • Made of high standard steel, strong machine to exercise for all.
  • Provided with three different grips for wide range of exercises.
  • Compact in size
  • Designed to replicate the classic push up exercise 

Benefits of Fitness Pump

  • Offers an easy way to exercise push ups without stressing your back.
  • Less fatigue
  • Easy to store and takes less space
  • Helps in buildings strength
  • Provided well tone body
  • Increases chest strength and provides good posture for your back. 
  • Great for exercising the pectorals, dorsals, deltoid and triceps muscle groups