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HD Spy Key Chain Camera

This HD spy key chain camera is one of the smallest device in which a camera is attached to it. Even though it is the smallest equipment, the features and specifications are absolutely classy. It is the one of the finest utilization of pin hole technology enacted with this device. We can depict moments live by keeping this HD spy key chain camera in between fingers itself. The device is so tiny that we can handle it with all ease. Whenever you need you can collect back the data stored in the card of this device by connecting a USD cable.


Camera is placed in this HD spy key chain camera using the method of a pin hole, hence it adds to our privacy, by making recordings effortless. We can adjust or play with switches in this device so easily. The video camcorder supports audio recordings as well with a high resolution. The device weights only 160 grams, but it is power packed with all features of HD recordings. A high quality battery accompanies this HD spy key chain camera. It can be used for two hours of recordings, and is easily reachable with a short span of time by keeping the device plugged in. The resolution of the camera is so good that it works in low light as well. You can depict high quality images by operating the device at dim lights as well.


The compact of designs offer easy handling benefits to the customers. The device can be used for opening and closing doors of a car, and at the same time as a spy camera. This HD spy key chain camera is accompanied by good services, and customers can spot it online. The price of this equipment while comparing its features is too low.