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Table Mate 2 !

Table mate 2 is an ideal home care device. As the title indicates the device can be carried to any little spaces easily, hence it goes close to the title of being portable. Users who are finding it difficult to place tables in small rooms have no other better options other than Table Mate. It can be adjusted to different heights as per the wish of users. Users can make the table tall or short according to their demands. Entire table is made using hard plastics that is difficult to break. This table can be used at the time we go for journeys, hence it can be comfortably placed inside small boot spaces of cars. Again this table comes handy at the time users organize out door parties.


Table mate is a made with rust free materials, and is easily adjustable as users wish. It can be easily dragged close to our seats, for it is supported by a folded feet which goes comfortably beneath the sofa we sit. So we can use the table mate conveniently for different purposes. Hence users can easily place or take anything over it. The new set of table mate comes with a folder clip in which users can place a cup full of liquids. The product is totally rust free, and is hard to carry good amount of weight. So it can deliver us the features of a lap top table or children’s study table at the same time. Table mate has online card payment options, money back guarantee options, and is blessed with COD options. Table mate is cost less when compared to other products.


By using table mate using can drag the table so close to their seating, so they do not have to spill food or liquid items they consume over their body. By adjusting the height of table mate users can satisfy their different needs. The study tables can be adjusted to different heights as per the comfort of users. User can avail huge discounts at the purchase of three table mate as a combo pack.