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Snap n Grip Wrench

Snap n grip is a multipurpose wrench making tool to keep at home in order to repair uncalled scrapping nuts and bolts. The product comes in a pack of two wrenches, one small and one large wrench. Small wrench can be used for comprises of different-sized head on each end, while the large wrench has a single large head for bigger nuts and bolts. Having Snap n grip makes it easy to to tackle daily problems with taps, valves, pipes, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels, etc. It cam e used for repairing almost all types of nuts and bolts, sizes ranging from 9mm to 32mm. This self-adjusting wrench be used for mending SAE, Metric, Star, Torx and Square bolts. 


  • 2 universal wrenches for all nuts and bolts 
  • Lightweight and self-adjusting set fits 9mm to 32mm 
  • Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts 
  • Efficient, practical and easy to use 
  • No need for multiple wrenches with this handy set 
  • Instantly take care of all jobs 
  • 2-Pc. (Snap'n Grip) Steel Wrench set includes: Small, 8-3/8"L * Large, 11-1/8"L
  • Both wrench has a rubberized grip.


  • Small, 8-3/8"L
  • Large, 11-1/8"L
  • Both wrench has a rubberized grip.