Car wash owner James Gage has found a way to avoid being washed in plastic wrap: He makes it himself.

“I’ve had people ask me how do I wash my hands with the wrap.

It’s not easy,” Mr Gage said.

“You have to make your own plastic wrap.”

The 54-year-old from the Sydney suburb of Wentworth was washing his hands in plastic wrapped in tin foil last week when a friend suggested he try and make his own wrap.

“There’s no plastic wrap available anywhere in Australia and I wanted to try and find a solution to make it happen,” Mr Vining said.

Mr Gag found out about Mr Vings work on the internet, and started making his own.

“If you can’t find it, you can just buy some tin foil and make your very own,” Mr Jugleson said.

The wrap can then be washed with water and soap and is also recyclable.

The cost of making your own is $20 to $40, depending on how much tin foil you need.

Mr Ving’s homemade wrap is made from a mixture of recycled materials including paper, newspaper and fabric.

“It’s just a matter of taking out all the waste from your kitchen and putting it into a container and then putting it in a bath or whatever it is you want to use,” he said.

‘It’s pretty simple’ Mr Vang is not alone in his efforts.

In Sydney, a local businessman has also started making plastic wrap to use in his own home.

“We had a big party last week, and a lot of people were wearing plastic wrap, and we put a huge party in there,” Mr Van Houten said.

He said the wrap was a big hit with people.

“One lady even put her hand on her back and her whole back was covered with plastic wrap.

People were laughing and hugging each other and just being really nice to each other,” he added.

The Wrap’s owner said he found the plastic wrap was easy to use.

“As a person who has to use a lot, you have to keep your hands clean and you can wash them all the time and the ones that you do need are just to wash them,” Mr van Houtan said.

Plastic wrap is used in hospitals, retail shops and restaurants and can be reused again and again.

It is made of polyethylene, but it is also made from other materials including cotton, polyester and vinyl.

The company sells its products at a variety of retailers across Australia.

For a limited time, customers can get $5 off when they use a code on their order to save 10% on their next purchase.

For more information on how to recycle your plastic wrap see ABC News.


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