We’ve all been there: your car battery is getting low, but you can’t get it replaced.

We’ve even seen a few articles on our forums claiming that if you buy a used car, you should replace your battery.

However, if you’re using an iPhone, there’s a much better option: you can just plug in your car’s battery into a USB-C port on your Mac or PC.

We’ll get into how to do this in the following section, but first, we’ll show you how to replace your car batteries.


Install the Apple Remote App.


Plug in your iPhone and iPad’s battery.


On your Mac, open the Apple TV app.


Open the Remote app.


From the Home screen, tap on “Plug in.”


Tap on “Add to Home.”


Select “Apple Remote.”


Once selected, tap “Add.”


Select the car battery that you want to replace.


When the car-to-device connection is complete, you’ll be able to plug in the battery to your iPad.

You can also do this on your iPhone, if your car doesn’t have an Apple Remote app installed.

If you do, you can access your Apple TV from the Home menu by navigating to Settings.

From there, tap Apps > Siri and make sure “Show Apple Remote” is on. 11.

You’ll now be able control your iPhone from your Mac.

In order to do so, you must first install the AppleRemote app.


Once installed, you will see an app icon in the bottom-right corner of your Mac’s Dock.

Click it to open the app.


From here, you simply select your AppleTV’s HDMI port, and then tap “Remote.”

You’ll see a list of remote apps that you can add to your list.

Once you do this, your Mac will open the “Remote App” app and connect to your iPhone’s HDMI input.


When you are finished, you need to connect your iPhone to your Mac via the HDMI port on the AppleTV.

Once the connection is made, you’re ready to begin replacing your car-powered battery.


Once connected, your AppleRemote will tell you that it’s time to replace the car batteries in your vehicle.

In fact, it will even suggest you replace your batteries when it first connects to your Apple’s Apple TV. 16.

On the Home Screen, tap Settings and then Tap the “Plug In” button.


From this screen, select the AppleDevice and then “AppleRemote.”


On this screen you’ll see the “Removing Your Apple Battery” icon.


Tap this icon and your car should now be powered off.

If your car does not have an installed Apple Remote, you could use a third-party app to install it.

You could also try a third party app to replace an iPhone’s battery, like CarPlay or Smart Battery.


When your car is off, tap the Apple remote icon to disconnect from the Internet and disconnect from your Apple TVs power source.


The next time your car connects to the Internet, it should have power restored.

If it does not, you might need to reconnect to the Apple devices power source first.

If everything goes well, your car will reconnect to its power source within 30 seconds.

Once your car reconnects, your iPhone will restart automatically.

If not, it may need to be restarted several times.

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