I love driving, but I don,t want to spend a ton of money for parking.

I was driving around Delhi and I noticed a spot that was empty.

I thought to myself, why don’t I just drive over there, and when I came to my destination, I was surprised to see that the car was empty and had no one in it.

This was when I realised that I have a huge issue with parking.

You can park in an empty car, but not in an occupied car.

This is the problem with the concept of ‘parking free’.

I can park for free in a car and it does not mean that I will get any benefit from it.

For instance, I can buy an electric car and then I will drive home.

The same principle applies to other services that require you to pay.

There is no point in spending your cash on an app that costs Rs. 25 or Rs. 50, and then not being able to use it, or not getting any benefit in the process.

I am a huge advocate of car parking.

It can save me a lot of money and help me to save money on my monthly car payment.

When I am driving around the city, I am always paying my parking ticket, but the same happens to me when I am at home.

This also happens to other people when they park in a place that is empty.

For example, my son lives in Delhi and his parents are in a rented house, and they are constantly parking in a nearby place.

So when my son comes home from school, he will get angry because he does not know what to do.

He always calls me and says, ‘Mom, can you take my son to the car park?’

I always say, ‘No, I do not have the space, I cannot go there’.

I know that it can be a lot easier if I am not driving around at night.

It is very hard for us to pay our parking ticket at night, especially when we do not know how much space is left in our car, or how many cars we have parked there.

I understand that there are many things that can be done to improve the parking situation in Delhi.

We can put up posters around the cities to let people know that they can park at any of the locations where they want.

We should also put up signage that will alert people about the space available, and where they can find parking space.

A good solution to parking is to have an intelligent parking system.

The first step in that direction would be to put a meter on the vehicle.

Then, people can pay their parking tickets on the meter, and have it automatically registered.

This will help to reduce the amount of parking that is done in the city.

If you do not pay your parking tickets, then the city will not be able to pay you its parking fees, which will result in you not getting the amount that you paid.

The second step in the intelligent parking solution is to make it easier for the public to find parking spaces.

People should be able at any time of the day to enter the car parking spaces that they have been assigned.

We need to make the system as easy as possible for people to get into and out of parking spaces as fast as possible.

In my own home city, there are no cars at all.

There are no meters and no signage.

The best thing is to put up signs around the places where people park.

The signage should give a clear picture of the parking area, and if you want to make your own parking spaces, it would be easier to put them up.

I can easily design my own parking space in the form of a sign.

I could have my car parked there, my family can park there, or even I can make my own car parking space for them.

You should also look at other ways of making money from parking.

For one, if the car is not being used, you can sell the car for cash.

If the car has been left unused, you could make a profit on the sale of the car.

But if it is being used regularly, you will make more money from it, if you pay the parking fees.

Finally, there is a third way to make money from the parking.

The city should encourage people to use their own cars.

I do think that there should be a scheme where you pay to park your car at a particular place, and the people who have the cars at that place should be rewarded.

So for example, you pay a Rs. 10 parking fee at a park, and you get a car, and from there, you get Rs. 5 per day.

If there are people who are always using their cars, then there should also be a fee that they pay at a specific spot.

I think that this is the best way to get revenue out of the city’s

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