I got the new model for $1,299 on the website of the Muscle Car Chargers, which was selling a similar car charger for $899 on Amazon.

I ordered mine on the same day the site went live.

The charger’s specs: 12.8 volts DC to 240 volts AC, 7-hour battery life, 4.2 amps, 6-hour charging range.

Its a little big for my tastes, so I went with the small version.

I like the way the small charger sits on my lap, but it has a weird feeling to it that can be a little frustrating.

It has a big plastic handle that feels too small for my hands.

The USB port is in the back of the unit, and it feels like it’s designed to get charged faster than the bigger version.

The small version has a USB cable, so you can plug the charging cable into your computer or phone.

The main charging port on the smaller version is located at the top.

It’s nice that you can charge the smaller charger at the same time as you charge the larger one.

The cable and charging pad are plastic, and they’re really thick and hard to get into places like my pants pocket.

The larger charger is a little more flexible and feels more like a charger.

The cord that runs the whole thing is a long one that’s not nearly as long as I’d like.

The charging pad on the bigger charger doesn’t come with a cord.

The mini charger has a charging cable.

The little charger is slightly shorter than the larger, and has a smaller cord.

Both of these chargers are compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, which requires two AA batteries for charging, but I’ve only had the smaller one charge my phone and iPad on the go for a few hours.

Both chargers charge at a rate of 1.5 amps, which isn’t great, but that’s better than the 1.6 amps I was getting from my phone’s built-in battery.

I’ve tried to use the charging pad a little bit to charge my iPhone 6 Plus in the last few days, and both chargers have worked well.

Both the mini and the big ones have a charger tray that fits in the top pocket.

Both have a cable for a USB port.

The tiny charger has two USB ports, one to charge the charger and one to send data.

Both work well, and I don’t notice a difference in charging speed.

Both charger sizes have a plastic, hard plastic back.

The big one has a rubberized backing that’s less durable than the plastic on the larger ones.

Both charging pads have a small, flat, circular, hard-to-reach charging pad that’s on the inside of the charger.

I’m not sure if that’s intended to make the charger more ergonomic or just to make it easier to pick up and put away.

The size and shape of the charging pads are similar.

Both small and big versions have a hard-shell, black-plastic case.

Both units have a charging port.

Both also have a USB charging port, which is also small and flat.

The Qi wireless charger, which Amazon is offering for $199, has a different charger tray.

Both smaller and bigger chargers also come with two charging pads.

Both use the same charging port that’s in the bottom of the device, and you’ll get one charging pad per charge.

Both are compatible.

The bigger charger works with iPhones and iPads, but the Qi charger doesn.

I haven’t tested the Qi chargers for Android phones.

If you’re using an Android phone, you might have trouble getting Qi wireless power to work.

When I tried to plug my iPhone into the charger on my Mac, it didn’t work.

My Mac only supports Qi wireless.

My iPhone uses the USB charging protocol, which doesn’t work with Qi chargals.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be used with the chargers, though.

I tried it on a MacBook Air, but my phone doesn’t have Qi.

The same problem happened on my Nexus 6P, which I haven, too.

I had trouble charging my phone at home when I used my iPhone to charge it in the car.

It takes two AA cells to charge an iPhone 6P.

If your phone doesn

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