Toronto, Ontario — Aaa is the most popular car rental company in Canada, according to data released Tuesday by the company.

The rental app, which launched in 2015, is a platform that lets people rent cars from across the country, while keeping a close eye on local regulations.

It’s been hailed by some for providing affordable car-sharing services.

“The Aaa Car Rentals platform has quickly become a benchmark for the industry in Canada and is now providing thousands of people across Canada with a convenient, secure and convenient option to rent their own vehicle for short term or long term periods,” Aaa CEO Michael Sato said in a statement.

Aaa currently operates in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

It recently added a new service to the service in Saskatchewan, as well.

A search for “Aaa” returns a selection of over 3,000 rental car options, including a few cars with unique features like Aaa’s “D-mode,” which lets users drive at a higher speed while keeping the car’s fuel efficiency.

A service called Aaa Cars for Business was launched last year, allowing companies to rent out cars in their corporate offices, as long as they’ve got employees who are certified to drive.

“AAAB” is a play on AaaCar, which lets people use their cars for short and long-term stays.

“I think it’s really great for the market right now,” said Aaa co-founder and CEO Richard Branson.

“This is the first time in the world that you can do this in the most convenient way possible.”

Aaa says the platform was designed to give customers access to their own vehicles while still maintaining the integrity of the rental agreement.

“We know that it can be challenging to manage and operate in a way that protects your interests,” Sato added.

“At Aaa we are not looking to make money.

Our business is to provide a service that is as low-cost as possible, and to do that we want to ensure that we can keep our customers and employees safe.”

Aaaa also says its new Aaa Service to Protects Users and Companies is designed to reduce the number of data breaches in the car rental industry.

AAA has been working with a number of major car rental companies in Canada to develop its service.

It launched its Aaa service in January 2018, with some of the companies now offering the service for lease.

For a car rental, Aaa charges a base price of $20 per hour, plus $5 per day per rental.

For long-distance car rentals, AAA charges $25 per day, plus an additional $5 for every day that the car is used.

For longer-distance rentals, it charges $100 per day for a total of $500 per month.

Aa has also been working closely with taxi companies in Ontario and Nova Scotia to bring its service to them.

Aaaaa’s new service is available to anyone in Canada who is a licensed driver, with the option to add on additional drivers, drivers with valid insurance and people who have a driver’s licence.

Users can choose to pay for their Aaa rental in cash or through their credit card.

Aaaa’s pricing structure also allows the company to offer car-share car rentals for less than $1 per month per vehicle.

In some cities, Aaaa will charge a flat fee of $15 per month for all cars rented out.

A Aaa spokesperson said that Aaa plans to expand its services to cities in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador.

A spokesperson for Aaa said the company is actively seeking a partner in Ontario to expand Aaa services in the province.

Aiiro, which is based in Toronto, was recently added to Aaa.

Aai, which was founded in Toronto in 2018, is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The app allows people to rent cars using credit cards.

A Airo spokesperson said Aai’s goal is to offer an affordable, convenient and secure way to get around the world.

“With Aaa, Aai is taking a unique approach to offering cars that are accessible to everyone and are not subject to the same rules as commercial vehicles,” said spokesperson Scott Peltier.

“People can now get around with confidence while using their Aai cars, while still ensuring the safety of our drivers.”

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