A new model of the high-end car may be on the horizon.

Northwell has revealed that its new FastCar is the first car to feature an infotainment system, allowing drivers to connect to an app for a “free-of-charge” ride.

“Our aim is to make a product that is affordable and convenient for all Australians,” chief executive officer of Northwell Dr Matthew Jardine said.

“In the future we’re hoping to bring in a number of additional functions and features to the FastCar so people can take the ride and enjoy the experience.”

Dr Jardines vision for the fast-lane is “a truly driver-centric car” that is comfortable, safe and reliable.

“We want to provide our customers with the safest, most comfortable car on the road,” he said.

The FastCar was unveiled at the 2016 Northwell Automotive Show in Melbourne and the car is currently being developed in Northwell’s Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Sydney factories.

The new car is equipped with a range of new technologies, including automatic braking, autonomous driving, a front-mounted infotag system and a full suite of safety and security features.

“This is the most important thing we’ve been able to do in terms of technology development,” Dr Jardenso said.

He said the company was excited about its future with the FastCars.

“With the Fast Car we’ve made an extremely efficient and practical car, and the first time we’ve ever been able, at least on the public road, to be a part of an autonomous vehicle,” he told ABC News.

“What you’ll see is the future of the car will be connected to the public highway, so there’s no reason why the technology couldn’t be shared on the roads, just like in the car.”

The company says it has a “huge” amount of interest from Australian consumers, and is considering “a number of partnerships with the private sector”.

The first of those partnerships will be a partnership with the Australian Auto Association (AA), which has signed up to help develop the car.

Dr Jartenso added that the company planned to launch the Fast car in the next 12 months.

“The biggest thing is we’re very happy with the performance of the vehicle,” Dr Hildebrand said.

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