The online car insurance marketplace is awash with offers from auto insurers as consumers search for the cheapest and most reliable car insurance.

But one popular and expensive option — the “deal of the day” — has been gaining steam lately.

According to a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute, the online car market has seen a surge in car insurance quotes in recent years.

Now, it appears that the insurance industry is taking advantage of this trend by offering cheaper car insurance in exchange for a commitment to a car rental.

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“What’s happening is they’re offering a $20 deal in exchange of an $80 car rental,” said John Sisney, senior research analyst at IHS Automotive.

“So it’s a very competitive situation.

It’s a lot cheaper than going to a regular insurance company.”

The IHS study examined all types of car insurance companies and concluded that the “big four” auto insurance companies accounted for nearly a third of all the auto insurance sold online last year. 

The insurance industry has long focused on the “deals of the year,” when it can offer cheaper rates and more favorable coverage to consumers than it would to traditional insurance companies.

The deals are often advertised as being offered only to people who live in certain states or are certain to drive in certain weather conditions.

“In the past year, the industry has been able to tap into a very high percentage of consumer behavior,” Sisny said.

“It’s not just people who are looking for a cheap car insurance deal but people who want to go to the doctor and want to get checked out.” 

While the insurance companies are now offering a lower cost, they are offering better coverage than they are at any time in the past. 

In 2016, the average insurance company charged $3,722 per claim, according to the Insurance Institute of America.

That’s up from $2,898 in 2015, when it was the cheapest in the industry. 

Since the ACA’s expansion in 2014, the federal government has provided $1.6 billion in subsidies to the auto industry, but the subsidies are not as generous as they were in the years prior to the ACA, when most people who were uninsured received a government subsidy.

The industry was able to make up the gap by increasing premiums, but it is now seeing more people get hurt. 

While it’s unclear how much the subsidies have made up for the lost income, insurers have begun reducing the amount of coverage offered to people with preexisting conditions.

In 2019, for example, a typical insurance company reduced coverage for people with pre-existing conditions by nearly $1,500, according the Insurance Industry Association. 

So what’s the deal?

According to the IHS analysis, the “tough deal” is a deal where the company will not accept a lower price or higher rates.

If the insurance company offers a deal that is less expensive than the other options available online, the person who gets it can usually find a comparable price through the insurance broker. 

This may not sound like a huge difference, but if the insurance has a reputation for low rates, people who have used the insurance and want a low price may end up paying higher premiums than if they were offered a better deal, said Michael Estrada, senior policy analyst for IHS.

“That’s a huge risk that people take when they’re going to an auto insurance broker and they think, ‘Oh, I’m not going to be in a situation where they’re charging $100 more than they would have charged,’ ” he said. 

For many consumers, the most important part of a car lease is to find out whether the car is in good condition.

But if the car’s in great condition, a car leasing company may be able to negotiate lower rates.

The insurance industry may offer a “deal on condition,” meaning a car can be in good shape and still have a lower insurance rate. 

And while the “soul-sucking” deal offered by the insurance brokers may seem attractive, many consumers may be more likely to be willing to give up their rights in exchange, said Sisnys. 

Sisney said he does not believe the insurance market is necessarily broken, but he believes there are some problems.

“You can’t make money out of this,” he said, “so you’re really stuck with what you have.” 

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