An online car rental company that charges Rs 10,000 a day for a car that can go up to 500km per day is offering the cheapest rates in India, which can be prohibitively expensive in other parts of the world.

Car rental company, Caravan, has recently launched its Indian-based service in Hyderabad, where its cars are available at low rates, but the company is hoping to raise its prices as much as Rs 10 lakh per day by the end of 2019. 

The company has recently been operating a car-rental service for the last seven months, and the rates have been drastically reduced in a bid to attract a wider client base.

“The rates for the new car rental service in India are Rs 10k-Rs 12k per day,” said an official at Caravan.

“It is Rs 10 k per day for the car, and Rs 12 k per hour.

The price of a car varies depending on the type, make and model.

There are also discounts on the vehicle.”

Caravan has been operating in Hyderbad for about three months now, with the company taking a Rs 5,000-per-day rate.

“This is a great opportunity for us,” said a senior manager at Caravans Hyderabad office.

“We have found the market here and the people are very friendly and friendly people.” 

While the company charges Rs 20,000 per day on the car rental option, a car is worth much less in the other states of the country, with some of the prices going as high as Rs 50,000.

The Hyderabad-based company has been offering the car rentals in Hyderabadi and the city of Hyderabad for over two years.

“Our focus is on Hyderabad and we are also offering cars in other areas,” said the official.

“Car rentals are cheap, the rates are cheap and the vehicles are easy to operate.” 

The Hyderabad car rental office is located in the city’s Parel Road, which is home to a large number of car dealerships. 

“There are many car rental agencies in the area, but we are the only one offering car rentals at affordable rates,” said Arvind.

“In Hyderabad the rates for car rental vary a lot from place to place.

The average price for a vehicle in Hyderbadi is Rs 50k-60k per month.

In Hyderabad we are selling cars at Rs 10-15k per hour and we also offer discounts on vehicles as well.”

The car rental services are also available in the southern states of Kerala and Karnataka, where car dealers and car-shopping outlets are also common. 

Caravans Bangalore and Hyderabad are currently offering the vehicle rentals. 

However, the company has also been offering cars rental in some other parts, including Maharashtra, Odisha and Telangana. 

A car rental in Hyderaland has also recently started offering cars rentals in Mumbai, Mumbai Metropolitan Region and Delhi. 

When contacted, a Caravan spokesperson said, “We are very excited to launch our Hyderabad service.

We are very happy to offer car rentals across the country.

We also have car rentals to cater to different budgets.

We hope that we will be able to attract more people in Hydera as well as across the globe.”

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