You might be surprised at how many people can’t afford a car.

A new report from the National Association of Realtors says that the average American spends about $5,500 a year on car rental companies.

Now, there are options, but most of them aren’t affordable.

Here are 10 apps to help you save money on car rentals.1.

Auto rental insurance2.

Auto loan apps3.

Car rentals with car sharing4.

Rentals from your smartphone5.

Rent car online6.

Car sharing apps for teens7.

Car rental insurance8.

Auto rentals with gas, electric, and other cars9.

Auto insurance for renters in the suburbs10.

Free car rentals on Craigslist, Gumtree, and others11.

Rent cars through a local rental agency12.

Find auto insurance companies in your area13.

Compare rates on auto rental agencies14.

Compare rental companies in the U.S.15.

Find car insurance companies with low-cost insurance options16.

Rent a used car online17.

Find the best rental agencies in your state18.

Find online car rental deals19.

Rent your car online for less20.

Find a rental car service in your home21.

Find out how to pay your auto insurance premium for the month you lease your car22.

Compare auto insurance quotes for your state23.

Find how much your auto license insurance will cost24.

Compare car rental quotes in your city25.

Find local car rental agencies26.

Find used car rental agents27.

Compare cars and rental insurance quotes28.

Compare leasing rates for different car brands29.

Find cars and lease options to rent30.

Find insurance companies that offer the best financing31.

Compare insurance quotes on car leasing companies32.

Find your local insurance company33.

Compare online car leasing sites34.

Find free car rental rates35.

Find rental car agencies in the area36.

Compare prices on car sharing companies37.

Compare cost of renting a vehicle for a month38.

Compare the cost of leasing a vehicle39.

Find best car rental websites40.

Find rates and rates from car rental agency agencies for different types of cars41.

Find other services and companies to rent cars for your family42.

Compare available rental car services in your region43.

Compare local car leasing options44.

Compare other rental car companies for different vehicles45.

Find an affordable car rental company46.

Find good rates on car share services47.

Find affordable car rentals for the area of your choice48.

Compare rent cars from a local car sharing company49.

Find rent car companies near you50.

Compare vehicle insurance quotes in the local area51.

Find more ways to save money with car rentals

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