The UK’s first car wash is closing its doors after it discovered a large plastic covering was causing a problem.

The new owners, which includes a family of five, bought the space from a local car wash in March after finding it unsafe for the family to use.

The owners say they were told they could not use the space due to the plastic covering, but they were given no time to fix it.

“The plastic covering is just hanging off the car and the way we get on and off is by the car,” said Tanya Linneman, who runs the car wash.

“It’s really irritating for us.”

The owners said they decided to replace the cover when they found it was causing them problems with washing the car.

“I thought it would be nice to have a safe place for our car to wash, so I just thought, let’s get rid of it,” said one of the owners.

“After the first couple of washings, we didn’t have any problems.”‘

It’s just not right’The car wash owners say it’s not just the plastic cover that’s causing problems, but the water used to wash the car as well.

“There’s a lot of water that’s used.

We have to wash this car by hand a lot, and it’s just a big water tank, and we’re just getting used to that,” Ms Linnemans said.”

But you don’t know how much water you have in the tank until you use it.””

It was just not good enough.”

One of the car owners, who wanted to remain anonymous, told ABC Radio Australia that he was very happy to have his new space back.

“We had to put up with all the plastic.

It’s just, it’s no good,” he said.’

It is not the end of the world’One of Ms Linden’s other customers, who also wanted to keep their identity secret, said the new owners were a “little bit disappointed” but she understood.

“You don’t want to be in a position where you’re trying to make money off of people that are struggling, but we do have to try,” she said.

“We’re just really happy that it is not going to be the end and that we’re not going back to the old place.”

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