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32 GB Spy Pen Camera !

Spy cameras released till date rarely have so much memory space as in 32 GB spy pen camera. The design and working of 32 GB spy pen camera is so elegant, and professional. It is a weightless device blended with all advanced features of recording. This devise can serve as an ideal companion for all types of working professionals. A 32 GB spy pen camera can save you from carrying a heavy load of files to the office. With the invention of products like these storing data has become more easy. Here we can check out the features of this amazing device.


32 GB pen spy camera has ultimate features to its credit. It can depict the pictures of people from a long distance with high clarity. The device can be used for multiple types of recording selectively. We can record files only in audio format, or we can record files in video format along with audio sounds. As the title itself suggest the device have an extended memory which allows us to store massive amount of data. The lense of this camera is intelligently placed in the fore front for clear recording of audio and video. 32 GB spy pen camera also carries an inbuilt microphone. The device has the power to continue recordings for more than 48 hours. The USB drives allow users easy storing and recovery of data. So capturing high resolution pictures has neither been so hard an activity with the arrival of spy cameras in this format.


We can keep the device on the recording mode, and carry it in pocket. No can identify we are capturing the moments happen in front of us. It works with the aid of a single touch button. Users will receive a discount of flat 40% amount free with this product. Customers can stick to cash on delivery options with this product.