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Spy Red Pen Camera

From the first look itself the Red spy pen camera never gives us a feeling that there is a camera affixed in it. The look and feel which the device produce in display is so elegant. This tool can be used for writing as well as recording. The manufactures have taken special care in designing the color pattern of this object. All generation of people will love using this camera. It can collect and store multiple types of data just with the push of switch. The specifications and benefits give quick popularity to this device in minimum time.


Instant recording is one of the unique features of this product. The device accompanies the aid of a re placable pen drive which we can use as we like for storing data, separate USB cables are not necessary for transmitting data. We can connect the USB to any of the devices and see the data. The camera of red spy pen camera is built up of high resolution. The voice recorder of this device has high clarity. The device can work for nearly 28 hours with complete recording features on. The internal memory of this product comes up to 16 GB, and can be extended up to 32 GB. The one touch button used for recording is placed at the top of the device, hence it is also difficult to notice that the device is working or not.

Red pen camera can also be used a device to store files, and live recording of class room teachings instead of spying as well. By designing in the shape of a pen, most of the people fail to notice the real purpose of a device. By purchasing the device online, customers can avail free offers, and a hefty discount up to 40%. Options like cash on delivery adds to the connivence of the users.