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Sandhi Sudha is an Ayurvedic oil treatment that provides relief from back pain, knee pain, cervical, frozen shoulder, body pain, tennis elbow, joint pain and arthritis. It is an amazing pain relieving oil made by ultimate restorative plants found in the Himalayas. Also, Sandhi Sudha is the advanced formula for the similar joint and other pains that means it is more effective and works fast. The oil is admired by a large number of people who are using the product on a daily basis.

How Sandhi Sudha works?
Sandhi Sudha oil has a great way of treating the ailments. Through the applications of the oil, it starts repairing the joints that lacks Synovial Fluid and starts supplying blood to the through the joint. With the increase in the flow of the blood, the Synovial membrane starts releasing Synovial fluid that brings back the smoothness and the stickiness in the joint. The oil also helps in reconstructing the damaged tissues and the other injured parts of the body.

Key Ingredients:-

Each 100 ml. contains:
Pan (Leaf) 2.0 gms.
Gwarpatha 4.0 gms.
Ashwagandha 12.0 gms.
Akarkara 8.0gms.
Haldi 2.0 gms.
Rasna 4.0 gms.
Nirgungi 4.0 gms.
Arand (Root) 4.0 gms.
Ajwain 4.0 gms.
Arand oil Q.S.
Amritdhara Q.S.

How to use?

Apply 1 or 2 table spoon of the oil to the affected area. Massage it on the effective area without much pressure. Follow the circular motion while applying the product. Use it at least 3-4 times in a day. Apply it after or before two hours of bathing. For better results you can use it before sleeping in night.

1 Pack Contain 200 ml*3 bottles Total = 600 ml Oil

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