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4 in 1 Magic Paint Sprayer !

4 in 1 Magic paint sprayer is an everyday multipurpose device that can be employed for four different purposes which includes as a paint sprayer, vacuum cleaner, air blower and water sprayer. Devised with a high ower motor, the device offers the best way to paint your home be it your walls, windows, door etc. Magic paint sprayer with helps in delivering the exact amount of paint to the surface providing professional finish in less time and money. It is portable and can be equipped for painting your home whenever you want to.

On the other hand, 4 in 1 magic paint sprayer also serves as a perfect portable vacuum cleaner that helps in sucking out dirt with immense pressure without making your feel tired in anyway. You can use it like vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean all the time. What make it even more special is its amazing compact design which is easy to store anywhere even in less space at home. The incredible benefits of the device does not end here, it also serves the best features of an air blower and water sprayer too. Magic paint sprayer being an air blower can be used for cleaning purposes both inside and outside your home. This fabulous invention can additionally be utilized as a water sprayer to clean car, watering the garden etc.

Product Specifications:

  • 4 in 1 Magic paint sprayer can be equipped in four different ways at the same time.
  • It serves as a perfect paint sprayer, vacuum cleaner, air blower and water sprayer. 
  • Light in weight, magic paint sprayer is portable enough to carry on your own.
  • It has got a wonderful compact design that allows you to store it easily anywhere even in less space at home. 
  • One can save great deal of time energy and money through through utilizing the device for four different purposes. 
  • It provide flexibility to use it anyway(paint sprayer, vacuum cleaner, air blower and water sprayer) and at anytime as per your convenience.