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Allah Barkat Locket !

Allah Barkat locket is a religious pendant that with the blessing of one lord get you a blissful life full of good health and immense wealth. This amazing pendant can help you seek Allah’s blessing anywhere and at anytime. It protects your from evil eye and get you out of al your problems in life. It helps in keeping your fit and healthy. 

Unlike any other pendant, Allah Barkat Locket is plated with gold and silver foil along with American diamonds which makes it look beautiful to wear in everyday life. This amazing pendant can help you in bringing lot of success in your career and life. It keeps your out of all troubles and blesses you with a blissful life. With this pendant you can meet all the goals in your life with utmost ease. 


  • Spiritual locket plated with gold ad silver foil and carved with American diamonds.
  • It features a tiny pearl sized magnifying lens from where you can view holy Quaran Ayat. 
  • It enables you to seek blessing of Allah be it anywhere you are.
  • Help you lead a smooth life free from all evils.